Cheating Fail

For the most part, the 2012 Olympics passed with little controversy in regards to athletes doping or taking PED (Performance Enchancing Drugs). For the most part.

Sadly, a couple of she-men decided they would create an uneven playing field. First up is this Gordon Strachan, Claire Balding lovechild, DQ’ed after winning the men’s…sorry… women’s shot put.

Did they really need proof? A simple “Ask the Audience” survey would have told you this women(?) was probably taking something. But it gets better than the shot put controversy (there’s a sentence I never expected to write).

Let me introduce you to Mr./Mrs. Ghfran Almouhamad. Apologises… I should have warned you about that image. Wow.

This 400m running drag-queen was DQ-ed for taking methylhexaneamine. Now, the IOC disqualifies athletes that take performance enhancing drugs, right? Well…

Almouhamad came 2nd last… in the first round of the 400m heats. Her Olympic career spanned 59 seconds, one lap of the track a lot of make-up and a DQ. Probably not worth pumping your body with drugs then eh.

Ok, I’m off to wash my eyes and delete those images from my mind.

P.S. Is Viagra considered a ‘Performance Enhancing Drug’?


About jamieonsport

My name is Jamie and I have been addicted to sports since I was 6. As a method of self-prescribed medication for the illness, I thought it would be good to detail my thoughts on the sporting world. So welcome to the workings of my inner-monologue. Join in, ignore, share, laugh, cry, be offended, be inspired, take my ranting however you will, but thanks for checking in.
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