Breaking Down Ronaldo’s Latest Contract Offer

Reports from suggest that, in a bid to keep Ronaldo at the Bernabeu, Real Madrid have offered the Portuguese star a 5-year contract worth, wait for it, £132,000,000.


Whilst I let that number sink, I can tell you that Ronaldo’s form over recent years certainly warrants a healthy pay cheque. Next week, he will have been at Real Madrid for exactly 4 years. In that time he has played in 199 games for ‘Los Blancos‘ and has netted 201 goals. Incredibly, more than a 1.0 goals per game (GPG).

How impressive is that? Here’s a look at the numbers of the game’s other big names:

Radamel Falcao (£12m/year): 177 games, 142 goals. 0.80 GPG
Edinson Cavani (£3.8m/year): 175 games, 119 goals. 0.68 GPG
Luis Suarez (£6.2m/year): 168 games, 112 goals. 0.67 GPG
Robin Van Persie (£12m/year): 148 games, 99 goals. 0.67 GPG
Zlatan Ibrahimovic (£12m/year): 177 games, 113 goals. 0.64 GPG
Wayne Rooney (£15.6m/year): 168 games, 100 goals. 0.61 GPG
Neymar (£9.7m/year): 225 games, 136 goals. 0.60 GPG
Robert Lewandowski (£1.3m/year): 173 games, 96 goals. 0.55 GPG
Sergio Aguero (£10.4m/year): 183 games, 93 goals. 0.51 GPG
Fernando Torres (£13.9m/year): 189 games, 65 goals. 0.34 GPG

Don’t worry, I know what you’re thinking…

Of course when it comes to Ronaldo and Real Madrid, the conversation typically compares the ex-Man Utd man to a certain short Argentine (currently in some tax trouble). Lionel Messi is the only player over the four years to compete, statisically, with Ronaldo. In fact, he has played 218 games in the last 4 years, netting 233 goals (1.07 GPG).

Earlier this year Messi signed a new 5-year contract with Barcelona, where he has played since signing a paper napkin contract with them in 2000 at the age of 13. His new deal see’s Leo bank £9,500,000 a year (after-tax), with a buy-out clause of £203,000,000.

In fact, Messi may want to tell his agent to use Ronaldo’s new deal as a ‘comp’ and get some more money. Over the last four years he appears to have earned it:


Whether or not Ronaldo and Real Madrid reach an agreement on this new proposed deal or not, the numbers involved are, in the words of Chazz Michael Michaels, ‘mind-bottling’.

Here’s is the breakdown of the proposed Ronaldo contract:

£132,000,000 over 5 years
£26,400,000 a year
£2,200,000 a month
£507,692 a week
£72,527 a day
£3,021 an hour
£50 per minute
£0.84 every second

So, in the 3.5 minutes it just took you to read this article, Ronaldo could earn £175.

Scratch that, now it’s £180…. £181…. £182….


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