Brazilian Football: Seeing Red

Brazil is country known for its football and its passion for sport and life. Both are reasons FIFA decided to bestow Brazil with the 2014 World Cup. However, that passion and specifically that passion for football has ended in one of the craziest scenes ever to take place.


During the local amateur game in the small town of Pio XII, a 30-year old player Josenir dos Santos and a 20-year old referee, Otavio Jordao da Silva got into an altercation after the player was given a red card. Santos refused to leave the field protesting the decision.

Then all hell broke loose.

Santos punched Silva (referee). Clearly annoyed by this aggression, Silva took out a knife and stabbed him. Santos would later die en route to the hospital from the stab wounds.

Meanwhile, the scene on the pitch turned angry. A mob of unhappy fans rushed to field and surrounded the 20-year old referee. What happened next is typically reserved for a horror film.
In a quote from the Public Safety Department, the mob:

“rushed into the field, stoned the referee to death and quartered [dismembered] his body.”

Further still, the fans put the referee’s head on a stake in the middle of the pitch.Talk about seeing red.

Someone may want to warn Wayne Rooney ahead of the 2014 World Cup that neither the fans or referees in Brazil take kindly to violence.

NOTE: There is a video of the scene online, but I felt it was too gruesome to share. Google at your own risk.


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My name is Jamie and I have been addicted to sports since I was 6. As a method of self-prescribed medication for the illness, I thought it would be good to detail my thoughts on the sporting world. So welcome to the workings of my inner-monologue. Join in, ignore, share, laugh, cry, be offended, be inspired, take my ranting however you will, but thanks for checking in.
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