18 Photos Of Miguel Angel Jimenez Enjoying A Cigar


“He doesn’t always smoke. But when he does, he prefers cigars.”

Miguel Angel Jimenez may just be the most interesting golfer in the world. Nicknamed the ‘The Mechanic’ the Spaniard is a fan-favourite wherever he plays. The 49-year old is known for his pony-tail, his warm-up routine and of course… his cigars.

Within his home in Spain is a personal humidor, where Jimenez keeps 400 of his favourite cigars, mostly Cubans. Here’s a collection of some of the best photos of Miguel and his cigars:

“Mwah, I love cigars”


“Excuse Miguel, your profile photo would be much better if we could actually see you?”


“Come on… two wedges for one cigar?”


“I will give up smoking…. I will give up smoking…. I will give up smoking”


“Ladies love a cigar. We’re off for a quick foursome”


“£100 a dozen? Put me down for a 1200.”


“Fired up, yet the coolest man on the planet”


“Warming up… literally”


“What do you mean I’ve missed my tee time?”


“Miguel creates a diversion as the Europeans mount a comeback”


“Where’s Miguel? Just follow the smoke…”

Miguel Angel Jimenez

“I don’t always crap, but when I do, I crap out trophies”


“Jimenez has developed a unique, new way to gauge the wind on the course”


“I love cigars. Cigars, cigars, cigars. Down they go. Down into my belly”


“Bloody hell, this cigar weighs a ton!”




“Miguel didn’t seemed too concerned about a last day deficit at the Ryder Cup”


“Miguel…. Miguel?… it’s your turn to play”

Angel-Jimenez-Europe-Ryder-Cup-Valhall_1214298 (1)

So there you have it, Miguel loves a cigar.

However, no photo blog of Golf’s Most Interesting Man would be complete without giving some love to ‘cigar guy’, who dressed as Jimenez at the 2010 Ryder Cup, and photobombed one of the greatest golf photos of all time:

Second from the right….



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5 Responses to 18 Photos Of Miguel Angel Jimenez Enjoying A Cigar

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  2. jack oliver says:

    what cigar is miguel’s favorite or the one he smokes most?

  3. james says:

    Do you know who took that top photo?

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