PGA Tour Earnings Per Shot

We all know that golf has become a hugely high paid sport since a certain Eldrick Tont Woods hit the scene back in 1996, but did you know that Tiger Woods has earned $2,430 per shot on the PGA Tour this season?

PGA Tour members, combined, have won $195,823,238 in 2013. Here’s a look at the per-shot-earnings (EPS) of the top-10 players in the world:


Tiger has played 10 events this year, won 4 titles, $6,159,119 and hit 2,535 shots. Quick maths tells you that on average, he has amassed an amazing $2,430 in EPS.

“Conclusion: Tiger should hit more shots?”

What is more amazing is that Tiger’s EPS is almost double that of any other player on Tour. Phil Mickelson’s EPS of $1,285 is 53% of what Tiger banks.

The downfall of Rory McIlroy is evident in that he has only made $555 per shot. In fact, his EPS number ranks 16th behind the likes of Billy Horschel, Bill Haas, Kevin Streelman and Henrik Stenson.

But how does Tiger match up against Tiger? Well, not all that great to be honest. It is actually Tiger’s 5th best year based on EPS. See here.

In 2008 Tiger underwent mid-season knee surgery, yet managed to win four of the six events he played on the PGA Tour, banking $5,775,000 in just 26 rounds of competitive golf. That means $4,191 per shot.


Lastly, spare a thought for American Andres Gonzales, who has battled his way around the Tour this season, taking 2,602 shots (67 shots more than Woods) whilst only making $10 per shot.

Evidently, not enough to afford a visit to the barber.


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