(Old) School Uniforms: Scottish Rugby

In February, the Scottish Rugby Union announced a public competition to design the next Scotland rugby kit.

Yesterday, that kit was unveiled for the first time.

“We’re delighted to unveil our flagship shirt today, the first product of our biggest ever sponsorship deal.”

“We have been blown away with the engagement from our fans with over 200 entries coming in since February. We believe this will be a very popular jersey with its modern design technology underpinned by traditional influences.”

– Scottish Rugby’s Chief Executive, Mark Dodson


Scotland players Tim Visser (left) and Stuart Hogg (right), along with the designer/competition winner, Stuart Gray (middle).

In time for Scotland’s vote of independence in 2014, the patriotic kit maintains Scottish rugby’s traditional influences:

  • The navy blue colour, representing the blue background colour of the Scottish flag.
  • The white thistle, representing a historic symbol, and national flower, of Scotland.
  • The white collar and shorts that date back to the earliest of Scottish rugby kits.

“I remember when I was growing up seeing footage of Scotland’s greats playing in a navy shirt with white collar, so it’s going to be quite a thrill pulling this jersey on for the first time.”

– Stuart Hogg

Here’s a look at some of those kits from throughout the years:

27th March, 1871. Scotland beat England.


23rd February, 1907. Scotland 15-3 Ireland.


28th February, 1907. Scotland 14-8 Ireland.


13th April, 1946. Scotland 27-0 England.


15th March, 1975. Scotland 6-7 England.


4th February, 1984. Scotland 18-6 England.


My dad standing 5th from the left, second row. #Proud

10th November, 1990. Scotland 49-3 Argentina.


18th February, 1995. Scotland 23-21 France.


18th March, 2000. Scotland 18-26 Wales.


13th March, 2005. Scotland 22-46 Wales.


8th February, 2009. Scotland 13-26 Wales.


5th February, 2011. Scotland 13-26 France.


2nd February, 2013. Scotland 18-38 England.


1st August 2013


The new kit will debut at Murrayfield November 9th when Scotland play Japan.


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