World Record For Most 300-Yard Drives In An Hour


How many 300 yard drives have you hit? 50? 10? A couple? None?Meet Andrew Frakes, he just hit 508.

In an hour!

Andrew is a member of the Callaway X-Hot Long Drive Team and recently qualified and competed in the 2012 Re/Max World Championships.

Armed with a Callaway X Hot driver, Andrew took to the range at TPC Craig Ranch in Mckinney, Texas, today to see if he could break the existing world record of 272 drives over 300 yards in an hour.

He did, with time to spare.

In over 90-degree heat, with a friend helping him tee up balls on mat, Frakes hit ball-after-ball down the range, bouncing them beyond the 300 yard sign.

In the first two minutes, Andrew hit 36 balls over 300 yards. That’s a 300-yard drive every 3.3 seconds?!

He continued to pound away at stacks of range balls whilst battling fatigue, and eventually broke the record, hitting his 273rd bomb with 28 minutes to spare.

So what do you do when you’ve broken a world record? Fist-pump everyone in sight, light a cigar and put your feet up? Nope, Frakes kept driving balls down the range.

By the time he was done, he had hit an incredible 508 drives over 300 yards in 60 minutes.

Then he lit up the cigar…


You know I love a stat, so here’s so numbers on Frakes challenge:

Frakes hit 662 balls in total, with 508 of them going over 300 yards. That is a success rate of 77%. Sounds pretty good right?

Well consider that big-hitting Bubba Watson leads the PGA Tour in Drives Over 300 Yards and he only hits 55% of his drives over 300 yards. In fact, he’s the only player on Tour who hits the majority of his drives over 300 yards. And he gets about 15 minutes between drives. #Lazy

On average, Frakes hit a ball every 5.43 seconds.

Even if each qualifying drive Frakes hit went just 300.1 yards, his drives would still measure 87 miles. That’s more than the distance of three marathons.

So next time you hit a 300 yard drive, consider if you could hit another 508 within an hour.

Tip you cap Andrew Frakes. Tip your cap.


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