Why Tiger Woods Is An All-Round Good Guy

What makes an all-round good guy?


Being friendly? Honest? Courteous to others? Modest? They might make an all-round good person, but they don’t make an all-round good golfer. Hence perhaps, why Tiger has none of those attributes but is clearly the best all-round good guy (i.e. good golfer) on Tour.

17 years ago today Tiger Woods turned professional. Four days later he made his first pro hole in one.

We should have known then he was going to be an all-round good player, but we didn’t have the statistics to prove it. So what is it that makes an all-round golfer then?

Nope, not this:

All Round Putt

Simply put, All-Round Ranking is a statistic used by the PGA Tour totalling a player’s rank in various categories:

  • Scoring Leaders
  • Putting Leaders
  • Eagle Leaders
  • Birdie Leaders
  • Sand Saves
  • Greens in Regulation
  • Driving Distance
  • Driving Accuracy

Add the player’s ranking in each category to make a total score, and then rank that score against everyone else on Tour and you have your all-round ranking. Here’s how the current top 7 look:


With an overall total of 194, Tiger leads the Tour. By a long way too. No other player totals less than 300 in their combined ranks.

(NOTE: Jordan Speith ranking 7th, in his rookie year, aged 20, is very impressive).

Finishing a season with a total under 200 puts you in elite company on the PGA Tour. Since 1991, only 5 players have finished the season with an all-round ranking total of under 200:


  1. John Huston (1998)
  2. David Duval (2000)
  3. Phil Mickelson (2001)
  4. Sergio Garcia (2001)
  5. Tiger Woods (1999, 2000 and 2009)

If sub-200 is puts you in elite company, sub-150 puts you in lonely company if you’re name is Tiger Woods.

Since the Tour began keeping all the various all-round statistics in 1980, Tiger is the only player to finish a season with an All-Round Ranking total of less than 150… twice… in back-to-back years (see 1999 and 2000):


With Tiger’s back playing up and the pressure of the final of the Fedex Cup, it isn’t a certainty that Tiger will finish the 2013 season with a total less than 200, but it is extremely likely he will remain as the PGA Tour’s All-Round good guy.

Tip your cap Eldrick Tont Woods, there’s no doubting you’re an all-round good… golfer.

All Round Putt


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  1. Tim O'Hagan says:

    poor graph…can’t interpret it !!

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